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Transformable Beds and Wardrobe Kitchen Production
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Our answers to your questions
At the foot of the page you will find a request form for all the questions to which you found no answers.

Commercial information for hotels

Where to view the convertible beds?
Well, I saw all the products with sizes and characteristics.
What if I am not satisfied?
Can I see the colour in person before ordering?
Can I ask for personalized colours?

You can easily view every product on our website since all the sizes and characteristics are absolutely trustworthy.
We would like to remark that every descriptive information are more trustworthy than the ones you can usually get from a shopkeeper, because everything we tell you is clear and true. The satisfaction is guaranteed because as we said before all the sizes and characteristics are the ones you ordered.
Remember that our convertible bed production for hotels is realized thinking about your necessity like:

  • Ready to be opened bed ( foldable, together with blankets and sheets)
  • Some sofas have the bed bases completely made of plywood and absolutely orthopaedic.
  • The bottom bed has, from the ground, the same height as the standard beds.
  • The least clutter.
  • The plywood and the fireproof mattresses are in accordance with local laws for hotels.

You can personally check the colour at home, just by putting in the email (see how much is it?) the request to get the sample to your address.
If you need for the convertible beds personalized colours as the ones of your furniture, you can do it by paying a little extra charge if the order is small.

How much is it?
Just send an email of request complete with product/s and colour, quantity and delivery time.

How can I ask for a probable order?
By telephone calling our Free Number. This number is put at your disposal by the hotels. Or if you already know what you want just send an e-mail with your fax number on it where we can send our confirmation order. it will accept it only if it is send back to our fax number complete with your, telephone numbers, your trade mark, your VAT number for the invoice issue.

How much is the hotel delivery?
The delivery is free ( except for the island and the places up in the mountains) where there is an extra charge of 5%.
The delivery is generally made at the ground floor. The delivery at the floors can be made at our deliverer discretion.

Is the convertible bed delivered assembled?
What happens if it doesn't fit the rooms?

The delivery of the convertible bed is not assembled since:
1) it might not enter the hall, the rooms, the corridors and so on....
2) the packing might be too heavy to be carried
3) it might be damaged during the delivery
4) a big volume weighs on the transport cost
5) NEW DORMEUSE item 806/E have interchangeable bifacial panels and so you can easily decide where to put the shaped back, to the left or to the right, when you receive the products.
at the moment our delivery is free.

What happenens if I am not in the hotel when you deliver?
Usually it shouldn't happen since your address (available on the confirmation order ) together with your delivery address is given to the courier who contacts you 2 days before.
If you have an unforeseen the courier will leave a delivery notice in your letterbox or under your street door with a contact number in it that you will use for a new delivery confirmation.

Is there an istruction manual or a picture that shows me how to assembly? Is the assembly kit included?
Of course, there is an instruction manual that we can send by fax together with our order confirmation so that you can check how easy it is to assembly.
The assembly kit is included.

Can the convertible bed arrive damaged?
Just call our numbers or send an e-mail and we will send you the damaged pieces back.

What a pity, I like your beds very much, but I don’t have the right sizes. Can you help me?
Certainly, we can find together a good solution. You know that our production is industrialized, and so we can only make a change if there is the possibility.

Can I buy the beds without mattresses?

Of course, just send an e-mail of request specifying that you don’t want the mattresses. We will send you back the prices with or without mattresses.




New Dormeuse
bunk  day bed
double day bed with extractable single bed
poltrona con letto singolo estraibile

New Niný
Chair bed convertible into a single bed
Foldaway-bed  convertible into a single bed
Convertible with hidden single bed
Consolle Double
convertible folding bed
Clothes-hanger bed
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Wardrobe bed
Wardrobe with closable bunk beds
Single-unit kitchen provided with appliances
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