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Transformable Beds and Wardrobe Kitchen Production
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Our company uses its own slogans to promote its convertible beds. The slogans originate from
thinking about their utility and specific characteristics. In a nice way they want to give a precise message coming from the enthusiasm of the production managers, secretarial staff, company management and not from the cold projecting of the personnel.


That’s what the slogans say:

You can’t miss it
New dormeuse.806/C
In the space of a normal single bed, with this bunk bed
model, you can have two beds with a vertical top, such
model not only perfectly furnishes your room, but
transforms the double room into a triple or a quadruple one with just a single movement.
You can’t miss it.
A single movement
This slogan explains how easy it is to open the bed just in a single movement.
Live your space at home
Vertical sommiers item.807
In the hotel rooms or in the children rooms this bed allows you to live the space comfortably without having a fixed
bunk bed cluttering the room.
Live your space at home.
The best solution
Intelligent system
This set called Intellygent System (2 vertical sommiers with wheels) gives you the possibility of having 4 beds in
various transformations in a limited space. Double beds- single beds or bunk beds.
The best solution.
The details which make the difference
Dormeuse item.800/E Double sommiers.808
Both models, different from each other only in the shape of the sofa or the sommier, have particular important details which you can
view if you check them carefully . The bed base is made of wood – the top of the bed can be removed automatically – the closing board is removable (in a low position) when the bed is opened – the feet with wheels are absolutely safe since they are made on an entire perimeter. The 2 beds are perfectly joined in order to make a double bed. The details which make the difference.
The comfort you wish is made easy
Arm-chair bed NEW NINI ITEM.830
The bed base is made of plywood and is completely orthopaedic. Just by pulling the handle you can transform, in a very fast way, the arm-chair into a real single bed. The comfort you wish is made is.easy.
Writing desk or bed, you chose
Fast item.850
This furniture solution has a peculiar night and day use. It is useful for hotel rooms, residences, b&b, children rooms because during the day time it is a writing desk if you like and at night time it turns into a bed if you need. It is even adaptable to any room such as a
kitchenette, etc., since this piece of furniture is a table completed with benches.
Upset the space of your room
Consolle item.851/S
This model is easy to be used because it has an upset opening and therefore the space for the bed is ready.
Upset the space of your room.
Upset more and more
Consolle double item.852/S
Thanks to the upset system in this model you can open only the bottom bed or both of them if you need. Upset more and more.
The space you needed
Clothes Hanger Bed item 845
This model, that is only 25 cm deep gives you the possibility of using a single bed or a double orthopaedic bed. It can be put easily on any wall. That’s the space you needed to add another bed.
One…Two…only in 97 cm.
Bed-in-wardrobe item 855
With this furniture solution you can open the bottom bed and the top bed in only 97 cm.
It is a bunk bed model.
One…Two…only 97 cm
Since I have to get it I want it convertible
Convertible Table for Suitcase item 700
According to the laws for hotels there must be a table for suitcase in every room. Our slogans explains how useful it is the one we have produced. For hotels only
Since I have to get it I want it convertible
Create your space

Compact Kitchen item 125
This piece of furniture is formed by a bookcase with a kitchen inside of it. It is entirely foldable and can be put in a space that is only 125 cm wide.
Create your space in one room only.

More beds in a smaller space
Hotels Section
This model allows you to have more beds in a smaller space. Specific for hotel rooms that need to welcome more people in the same room; like a family formed by two adults and two young children who cannot sleep in another room.
More beds in a smaller space
Live your space at home
Residential Section
Specific for privates.
It is important to obtain more beds without reducing the space in the rooms.
Music, relax, games, etc. and so…Live your space at home
Our answers to your questions – What, why, where?
Night & Day small bed item 600
We are very good at producing spacesaver furnitures, infact we are ready to accept every market demands.
What? Why? Where? We use these three questions to simply explain that a modern and spacious small table can be used as an orthopaedic bed whenever you need to.
Our answers to your questions: What? Why? Where?
New Dormeuse
bunk  day bed
double day bed with extractable single bed
poltrona con letto singolo estraibile

New Niný
Chair bed convertible into a single bed
Foldaway-bed  convertible into a single bed
Convertible with hidden single bed
Consolle Double
convertible folding bed
Clothes-hanger bed
the space you needed
Wardrobe bed
Wardrobe with closable bunk beds
Single-unit kitchen provided with appliances
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