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Transformable Beds and Wardrobe Kitchen Production
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The top of the bed is completely made of plywood It is used as a support, entirely rigid and orthopaedic,  applied on all our wardrobe beds and couch beds. for those who needs to sleep on it frequently. For hotels and privates who simply wants to welcome their guests.


The assembly is made with bifacial interchangeable panels. Both sides of the wood are well finished and can be used with no problem and therefore can be interchanged on some parts.

Like in the models NEW DORMEUSE item. 806/C and DORMEUSE item. 800/E
Since both shaping (like every product) are delivered not assembled you can decide easily where to put the head which is applicable to the left or to the right.
With this option you can put the sofa in another room whenever you need to whitout any problems

Identifiable panels every multilayer wooden panel that constitutes the convertible beds is identifiable,
Avaiable panels with a simple order just by specifing the date and the colour you need,
Replaceable panels they are very easy to be replaced since they are assembled with joints and absolutely no glue.

The tip of bed is made of multilayer wood, used in all our wardrobe bed and,armchair bed, important characteristic because it concurs to get a bed absolutely very orthopaedic indispensable for who it must sleep over in order more days, for the hotel guests etc.

The bed is ready to be opened
it means that it can be opened and closed together with sheets, blankest and quilts. This option is essential since with a quick and single movement you can pass from the day use to the night use. We studied this option in the planning stage.

The bottom bed is 50 cm high from the ground. It is another high quality characteristic since it is as high as a traditional fixed bed.

Orthopaedic fireproof mattresses made of expanded polyurethane with a density of 30 kilos.They consist of a unique plate covered with a padding in order to remove all the stuff that is usually found inside the spring mattress. This system makes this mattress very healthy and light.

To be brief
our materials are:

Bifacial plywood
Identifiable - Available - Replaceable - Interchangeable panels

Your advantages
The tip of the bed is made of plywood.
The bed is ready to be opened.
Bunk sofa beds and bunk wardrobe beds; you can use both of them or a single one.
The bottom bed is 50 cm high from the ground
Fireproof mattresses
The least clutter

New Dormeuse
bunk  day bed
double day bed with extractable single bed
poltrona con letto singolo estraibile

New Niný
Chair bed convertible into a single bed
Foldaway-bed  convertible into a single bed
Convertible with hidden single bed
Consolle Double
convertible folding bed
Clothes-hanger bed
the space you needed
Wardrobe bed
Wardrobe with closable bunk beds
Single-unit kitchen provided with appliances
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