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Compact Kitchen 184

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Width 184 cm

Monobloc kitchen, perfect in all superior accommodations, with kitchen. Great solution for apartments , monobloc kitchen full of everything.

Product Overview

Monobloc kitchen, shelves and interior doors, built exclusively with plywood. Complete with : refrigerator, drainers, tanks 2 , drip, 4 fuochi , hood and suction filter, mixer with extractable shower, steel shaft tool holder with hooks, 60cm electric oven .


Monobloc kitchen is only 184 cm, complete with appliances and accessories of quality. Some may apply for optional : perimeter h.40cm top, microwave oven stainless steel dustbin, roll holder, spice holder, holder ladles, lighting under wall units with and without the electrical outlet. NB inclusion of the column side, also on both sides.

Size (customizable)

Width 184cm Depth 62cm Total height 202cm
Available also in version: kitchen monobloc book opening - kitchen monobloc with plastic rolling shutter - kitchen monobloc with wooden rolling shutter
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cucina 184 opencucina 184 closed
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kitchen monobloc 184cm wide
containing, a hob with four gas burners or electric
a sink and drip TWO tanks, placed on the right or left, a mixer with extractable shower, an auction by 120cm steel tool holders, including the hangers, a wall filter / suction
a drainer with removable water tank collection, both in steel, three shelves, placed at the top of the work plan
140lt refrigerator from one with a freezing cellar, a central 60cm oven, standard oven.
NB: in this model is recommended, if you want to install the hood so aspiring,
installing the suction pipe wall, in order not to lose the free space above it.
cucina 184 - Kitchen wardrobe open   In the pictures you can see in detail, a number of accessories;
top perimeter of steel
the floating roll holder
standard, and the sink with two basins, complete with drip
the shaft tool holder in steel, complete with hangers
cucina 184 - Kitchen detail
Kitchen Monobloc only 184cm wide
request inclusion of the lock with key
available with top closure;
with opening book, plastic rolling shutter, wooden rolling shutter
cucina 184 - Closed compact kitchen

Available in models:

book-like opening with plastic rolling shutter with wooden rolling shutter