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Compact Kitchen 247

version with oven washing machine - dishwasher - fridge/freezer inside a column
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Width 247 cm

Wardrobe Kitchen with folding doors, the best solution for flats, above all for flats with "open space". With oven covered by a panel.

Product Overview

Unequalled Wardrobe kitchen thanks to its whole woden structure, even internal selve as made of plywood. It is formed by a central block of 120cm with side columns of 60cm. FEATURES: N.01 sink unit placeable to the right or to the left with steel drip, N.02 elecrical/gat hotplates, N.01 hood, N.01 steel plate-rack, N.01 fridge of 230 liters class A, N.01 electric pop-up oven elettrico of 60, N.01 washing machine of 5Kg class A, N.01 dishwasher for 12 persons class A A A, N.01 extractable mixer tap, N.01 steel tool holder with hooks.


Unequalled wardrobe kitchen; apart from its wooden structure (plywood) it is complete with household appliances and quality accessories . Some optional on demand: steel double-wall h.40cm, inox microwave, steel swing litter bin, roll holder, steel spice holder and steel ladle holder, lighting down the cupboards with or without plug. NOTES: installation of the dishwasher under the hob zone, installation of further or many side column (extralarge version).

Size (customizable)

Width 247cm, Depth 62cm, Total Height 202cm (folding doors version)
IMPORTANT: choose the model according to what it must contain AVAILABLE in different combinations installing household appliances inside the column and under the worktop of the central block: washing machine - dishwasher oven of 60cm- big fridge/freezer, little fridge/freezer; Send us your request
EXPANSION: installing central blocks (of 120 cm), but also of 154cm with one sink unit and 4 hotplates, 184cm with double sink and 4 hotplates.

cucina 246 opencucina 246 closed
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Wardrobe Compact Kitchen art.247.
The image represent the version with washing machine, dishwasher, fridge/freezer inside columns, pop-up oven of 69cm with covering panel, central block of 120cm.

Complete with:
N.01 steel double-wall of
H.50cm to substitute tiles (as a protection of the wood behind) The side double-wall is an optional.
N.01 worktop with 1 sink unit and steel drip (placeable to the Right or to the Left)
prearranged for the installation of the waste disposal unit
N.01 hob with 2 hotplates (electric/gas with valve, pyroceram, induction pyroceram)
Its possible to install 4 hotplates just removing the steel drip and the
N.01 extractable mixer tap
N.01 steel tool holder with 5 hooks
cucina 246 - Kitchen wardrobe open   N.01 filtering and suction hood
N.01 hood shelf
N.01 steel plate-rack
N.01 washing machine 5KG class A
N.01 dishwasher for 12 persons with cover panel class A A A
N.01 electric oven of 60cm class A
N.01 Fridge/freezer 230 liters class A
cucina 246 - Kitchen detail
Wardrobe kitchen of 247cm
The result of the fusion between the compact kitchen art.124 and two side column.
You can change this model choosing a central block from 94cm to 184cm
expandible thanks to the installation of one column, two or more.....
You can add all the household appliances you desire, you have just communicate as in order to calculate the final price.

The POP-UP oven can be covered/uncovered using its panel with vertical/horizontal opening.
cucina 246 - Closed compact kitchen

Available in models:

book-like opening with plastic rolling shutter with wooden rolling shutter